Harmony of hearts...

As life gets busier & busier we need not just refreshing times, we need recovery time. Some of us need healing and extension of grace! We do not just need a worship session, we need to carry the Father’s presence wherever we go. Connecting with our Father is not optional but mandatory.

Beyond healing and recovery, we need to be sustained in such times as these.
Come and be renewed; Come & receive a Word from the Lord to catapult you into your next season. Come and bask in His glory

Harmony of hearts...

April 2017 tour

Harmony of hearts...

Album launch & tour 2016

These are precious moments we captured during the album launch and the tour. We appreciate the support we received from start to finish.

About Enomfon Ntefon
Enomfon Ntefon an ordained Gospel Minister and the heart behind Harmony of Hearts Music. Harmony of Hearts, her 2nd album emphasizes the message of unity in diversity and is a powerful wake up call to stamp out the disunity and segregation that is happening so subtlety in our churches and within families and the church at large.
‘If we are dis-united, we cannot be effective in reaching our world for Christ, more so our worship will be defective’
She just concluded a 5 week, Harmony of Hearts Music Tour to Nigeria as part of the contingency plan to announce the release of her new album and inception of Harmony Of Hearts International.

Enomfon is also the Editor of The Bounce Back Magazine and has authored several self-help books, including Beyond Sexual Attraction.

She co-pastors The King’s Family with her husband, Robert Ntefon in London. They both run the Love & Marriage School and Love Encounter Seminars.

Enomfon is a Bounce Back Coach, TV Host and Entrepreneur, a proud mother of five wonderful children, and grandmother of one.

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